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The Role of a Chauffeur

Chauffeurs will normally be required to meet the employer at their home first thing in the morning, drive them to work and return them home.

During the day the Chauffeur's role can vary greatly. The employer may require him to run errands, take them to business appointments, assist with office tasks such as photocopying and answering telephone calls according to the employers needs.

Alternatively the employer may require the Chauffeur to return home for the school runs, drive the lady of the house, take the dog to the vet, pick up the dry cleaning and such like. Many Chauffeurs will also carry out handyman duties, such as mowing the lawn, minor electrical and plumbing works, swimming pool and tennis court maintenance, and security.
Some positions may require close protection skills.

The Chauffeur's hours can be long if the employer entertains or has a busy evening schedule.

The Chauffeur should have an excellent working knowledge of local routes, London roads, and motorways. They should also be able to carry out routine minor maintenance tasks on the vehicles in their charge and keep them spotless at all times.


Salaries for Chauffeurs may range from £300 - £500+ per week net and are dependent upon age, experience, duties and hours required. It is usual for employers to pay an overtime rate of time and a half after an agreed number of hours worked and at weekends. This should be clearly established within the contract.

Chauffeur positions are normally live-out.





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